Milex Consulting

At Milex we go the eXtra mile to meet our customer's needs. Our principle goal is that of offering the best solutions for businesses in all sectors.

All our services uses the latest tech stack and are cloud hosted.

Web design and hosting

Delegation is not just defination of a great leader, it's also the next step to your achieving business success. When it comes to websites, Milex will do all the work from domain registration, site implementation to deployment.

Software Developmet

If you got that idea of the software that can ease your workload, Milex can help! We have years of software development experience and can guarantee to turn your ambition to reality. Milex can offer a cloud hosted or a standalone application without compromising on quality.

Our Products

At Milex we are always looking for ways to help businesses across the globe. Our in-house software catalog includes, Phishing applications, Accounting related sofwares to help with day to day bookkeping, Management softwares e.g. Property Managements, Winforms and WPF Applications that can cater for an intranet service. Contact us for more information.